Bette Davis

Place of Birth
Kirksville, Missouri, USA
Date of Birth
Home Community
Durham Region Background

I moved to Whitby in the summer of 2003 with my daughter to pursue writing with my co-author, Dr. K. Sohail, and to further develop our concept on Emotional and Relationship Health called Green Zone Living.


My colleague and co-therapist, Dr. Khalid Sohail and I have developed a Self Help Program for people struggling with emotional and relationship problems. It is a program that we practice at our clinic, Creative Psychotherapy, Whitby, Ontario. We have produced a series of books and videos sharing our Green Zone Philosophy.

  • Psychotherapist
  • Nurse
  • Registered Nursing Diploma
  • Post-Basic psychiatric Nursing Diploma
  • Dipolma in Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing
  • B.N. in Nursing
  • M.N. in Nursing
Honours and Awards
  • Various Awards for contributions to the Mental Health Community
  • Various Nursing Awards including the Award of Excellence in Nursing Practice from the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland

Psychology; Education; Mental Health; Interpersonal Relationships:

  • Creating green zone schools (Green Zone Publishing, 2010)

Interpersonal Relationships; Psychology:

  • Green zone living - 7 Steps to a happy, healty and peaceful lifestyle (Green Zone Pubishing, 2008)

Interpersonal Relationships; Workplace Wellness:

  • The art of working in your green zone (White Knight Publications, 2005)

Psychology; Love; Marital Relationships:

  • Love, sex and marriage (White Knight Publications, 2004)

Video Documentaries; Emotional and Relationship Health:

  • Green zone stories
  • Green zone lifestyle
Public Speaking Topics
  • I enjoy speaking on issues of Mental Health, in particular Emotional and Relationship Health, Workplace Wellness, Stress Management, Personal Effectiveness, etc.