Crowe, Donald

Donald Crowe
Place of Birth: 
Date of Birth: 
December 26, 1955
Home Community: 
Durham Region Background: 

My family and the quality of health care.

  • Trinkets in Love's Lost and Found  (Literary comedy/drama)
  • The Gryphon and the Greeting Card Writer (Literary Comedy/drama)
  • The Innocent  (commercial fiction)
  • (Whispers on Woodsmoke) (Literary comedy) should be released in late fall or early winter. My publisher is American, and each book is signed to an individual contract. The novels have been published in eBooks form, with some audio, or anything like that. Two more novels are pending, depending on my health.

All of my work has been published as trade paperback, large format, as well as eBooks and some audio.


I've worked for Employment and Immigration, been a Correctional Officer, and was a counsellor for severely emotionally disturbed children.


I hold an Honors (4 year) degree in English and Psychology, and a B.Ed with a specialist Certificate in Special Ed.

Literary Influences: 

Spanish, Portugese, Shakespeare, 18th Century literature, Dickens, Llosa, Marquez, Saramago, Crace, Pat Barker. I enjoy poetry


I was divorced ten years ago. My one adult daughter takes unpaid leave at a major private bank to do work in communities struck by catastrophic phenomena. I'm relatively erudite, and enjoy watching black and white movies and British dramas.I also enjoy poetry (modern, Victorian and Renaissance Jim Crace is trying to get me to write a non-fiction work on SOS, and how writing can stabilize a variety of ailments.