Todd H. C. Fischer

Todd H. C. Fischer
Place of Birth: 
Date of Birth: 
April 15, 1974
Home Community: 
Drew's End
Durham Region Background: 

Todd has lived most of his life in Durham Region (except for a brief sojourn to Manitoba as a child and a few years in Scarorough).He was born in Oshawa and grew up in the Otter Creek area of Whitby. He currently resides in Drew's End, a home in Oshawa he shares with his wife Melanie E. Fischer (an artist and writer).



    • A Canadian Bestiary: A Collection of People, Places and Beasties from Canadian Folklore, Cryptozoology, Native Religion, and Mythology (Stonebunny Press, 2014)
    • Christmas Stalkings: Strange Tales of Christmas (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • The Compendium of Colyne (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • Trilus Historium (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • Wolfen Elegy: poetry (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • The Badger Broccan, and other tales (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • Steeds of Autumn: poetry (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • of things gone mad: poetry (Stonebunny Press, 2010)
    • Home to Roost (Stonebunny Press, 2010)


    • Carnival Delights (imelod Publications, 1998)
    • Dreams of Raven Roost Vol. 1 (imelod Publications, 1997)
    • A Far Better Thing (imelod Publications, 1998)
    • Strange Revelations (imelod Publications, 1999)
Public Speaking Topics: 
  • Getting Started in the Small Press